What story are you telling?

The story you tell yourself 

No matter where it comes from

Will become your reality!

What story are you telling?

I made a choice early in life…

I knew I could tell myself 2 different stories and each would have a different outcome…

I could sit down and sulk, moan, bitch about the hand life had dealt me…


I could stand up, be proactive, fight for what I wanted to achieve , aim high and never give in

I’ll let you decide which story I started to tell myself at 11 years old…

What story do you tell yourself on a consistent basis? What story do your employees, students or members tell themselves that shapes their future achievements?

Keynote Speaking

Hear the story of achievement from written off to becoming World Champion.

Inspire your people to set stretching goals and go for it!

VIP Performance Coaching

Understand ‘why’ you do what you do, then set detailed goals with laser pinpoint focus and implement an action packed  step by step strategy to achieve them.


For Companies

How engaged are your employees? How many truly understand what ‘we do around here’?

Experience bespoke  presentations to increase participation, improve focus and motivate to aim high

Golf Clubs/Schools/Unis

Fire up your audience to take part and ‘be here now’.

Learn what can be achieved by habitual action; try, learn, review, implement change, repeat…

You can achieve anything you want, as long as you

Don’t Wait For Luck!


About Paul

Paul Appleyard

Inspiring Motivational Speaker
Personal Performance Coach

My mission:

Inspire and motivate audiences to aim high and not hold back, telling the     story of my journey from diagnosis of a degenerative visual impairment at 11 years old  through to becoming a triple world champion golfer.

Raise conscious understanding of why we do what we do, enabling Personal Performance Coaching clients to tackle their goals with enthusiasm and purpose.

Hit the ‘More About Me’ button below for more details including a short video about my journey.


Five Steps to Your Success

Contact Me

Even the longest journey starts with a small step, contact me and you’ve made teh first movbe

We meet, virtually or F2F

We meet and find out if we ‘click’ and can work together, discussinbg what your requirements are. See calendar below.

Speaking or coaching engagement

We deliver your requirements to your audience, be that a inspiring motivational speech or coaching sessions.

Apply Changes

You or our people take action and apply the learning

Review and take further action

The key to progress is take take constant action, learning from mistakes and building on success

Here what some of my clients have to say

I want you to know that your presentation was an unqualified hit with our MD Support groups, with such comments as “This was the best of all so far”. That’s high praise considering the number of excellent speakers we have heard over the years!

So once again, thank you for sharing your story and inspirational thoughts. This will remain in our online library as one of our brightest gems.


Dan Roberts, Director MD Support

Thank you so much for speaking at our Glasgow Roadshow recently, your talk was really well received by our members and us!

Jessica Murray, Macular Society

Paul had the attention of my senior team, which is unusual, the whole time he was presenting

Denis Lafferty, MD Saccone and Speed

The boys very much enjoyed your talk.

One of our top students commented that it came as a shock to them when you explained that you were blind, and from that point they certainly took notice.

It was a lively, entertaining and quite inspirational session.

Thank you once again for coming.

Jamie Edmunds, Head of Year, Bayside School

Content great delivery great

Personal and passionate

Enjoyable experience

ACE (Academy of Chief Executives)

Get in touch by completing this form or emailing direct on paul@dontwaitforluck.com
and see how we can move things forward

The best feeling ever... ...winning in 2014 was proving a point... ... retaining in 2016 was for me... ...you will see how much it meant!