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Paul Appleyard keynote speaker

Paul Appleyard

Inspiring Motivational Speaker | Personal Performance Coach

Hi there everyone, I am Paul Appleyard and I am the founder and Managing Director of Don’t Wait For Luck Ltd. (DWFL) through which I do Keynote Speaking and Personal Performance Coaching

I am a sought after game improvement mentor in the golfing community. I help enthusiastic golfers achieve major golfing goals without being over technical or showering you in jargon.

I use my step by step holistic formula to move clients forward and play better golf. Following the formula you can:


  • Set seemingly huge golf goals yet still achieve them
  • Use your body’s natural intelligence to get in shape, feel great and play better golf
  • Implement effective mental strategies to provide more consistency in your game
  • Easily create and sustain energy levels for peak golfing performance, increasing your enjoyment and seeing better results


The only reason I can make such a claim is because I have followed the specific holistic development process myself and became a world champion golfer as a result, not just once but twice.

The video gives more detail about me and my story from being diagnosed with a degenerative medical condition at 11 years old to becoming a Triple World Champion in 2014 ,then defending and retaining in 2016.

If you’d like the short version just for now, here goes:

Proactive professional, 3 decades experience mainly in the financial services sector, latterly in Human Resources, Equality and Diversity and Personal Development and Coaching.

Accomplished golfer winning 3 world titles in 2014, defending and retaining in 2016 and now professional speaker, sharing my story from goal setting to overcoming many barriers and much more.


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