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Which inner voice controls you?

Which inner voice controls you?

Yesterday I won my most recent golf tournament and I listened to my good inner voice and ignored the destructive one, mostly!

My wife and I were supposed to go away for the evening just to chill out and have a nice meal however she said she wanted a rain check as she was tired from many hours at work, no problem.

Bed at the usual time, about 11.30, but Sunday morning I was a member of the ‘wide awake club’ at 7, properly awake. So I am laying there thinking what I could do and my inner voice said ‘go play golf’. I remembered there was a big event at my club sponsored by a local bank, one of the managers I am good friends with. Something was telling me I had to go play that event, a real strong urge but I didn’t now why.

Med Golf Jyske Bank Trophy


When my wife stirred a little, I checked if she had any plans for the day and she hadn’t, so green light, let’s go play golf!


I called the organisers and fortunately they had a spare slot for me to join a 3 ball, happy days, my chance to try to my new Mizuno JPX 900 irons again.

Shotgun start, my flight was on a par 3 about 180 yards so a relatively gentle start. Treble bogey, nice. Next hole, tough par 4 with a big lake, doubled it. Parred the next then doubled the one after, So I am now 7 over gross after 4 holes and thinking ‘why did something pull me out of bed to come and play this event?’ In years gone by this would have really royally peed me off but not yesterday. With plenty of help from my coach, nowadays I rarely let things phase me on the course and I just carried on with my swing under control and in tempo, knowing there were another 14 holes to go.

Somehow I managed to scrape 17 Stableford points on the front 9 but I didn’t know it at the time, I was still focusing on 1 shot at a time, one hole at a time and not getting ahead of myself.

So now I am on the back 9 and I par the first 4 holes then for some unknown reason I voiced my opinion about the par 4 14th to my playing partners, being that I think it is the hardest hole on the course even though the hole index is 4.So knowing I am playing really well at this point the mischievous, destructive voice in my subconscious mind says ‘agh, you just gave me permission to screw you over, you don’t like this hole, go on lad, give this one a good smash’ and unfortunately I listened to it. I smoked my 3 metal off the tee and it flew for miles down the fairway, however the extra oomph I gave it created too much draw spin and it over drew into the rough onto a hanging lie, not nice!


The recovery magic didn’t quite happen and I left it 30 yards shy of the pin, good chip and an ‘almost’ putt that just wouldn’t drop. Bogey time. Anyhow, parred the next and birdied the next so my final 7 holes of the day were level par, bit of a recovery.

My 36 points were enough to beat the other 75 golfers and win the event, so thanks to that mysterious ‘pull’ to go play I won a lovely trophy, 2 green fees on a championship course, a cap and so on…   … and a little too much alcohol afterwards in the clubhouse I am afraid to say.

So my point is, make sure you listen to the right voice when ideas come to mind, you know what is the right thing to do so don’t be tempted to go off plan, it’s just a case of listening to the good voice and ignoring the bad. The trouble is, the destructive voice is often in your subconscious mind so having a strong and focused, positive internal voice in your conscious mind is important for golf.

Which voice do you listen to the most?

Swing easy!

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